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79. Registering Authority
80. Registration Mark
80(A). Exhibition of Registration Mark
81. Assignment of Registration Number
82. Particulars to be pointed on transport vehicle
83. Vehicles of Central Government exempted
83(A). Communication of certificates of Central Government agencies of Motor Vehicles for registration
84. Application and authority for temporary registration
85. Extension of temporary registration
86. Form of Temporary Registrations
87. Intimation to the registering authority concerned
88. Assignment and allocation of temporary registration marks to dealers
89. Temporary Registration Fee
90. Registration fee for articulated vehicle
91. Exemption from payment of registration fee
92. Communication to original authority
93. Change of category of vehicles registered in Hyderabad or other districts
94. Amount payable for belated applications
95. Intimation to parties
96. Intimation in respect of vehicles not registered within the State
97. Inspection of vehicles registered in other State and brought into this State
97(A). Exemption of Road Rollers from Physical Inspection
98. Exemption of vehicles with trade certificate
99. Issue of duplicate
100. Issue of Registration particulars and its fee
101. Return of original certificate when found
102. Suspension of registration certificate
103. Prescribed Authority
104. Procedure for noting hire-purchase agreement or hypothecation certificate of vehicle already registered
105. Cancellation of hire purchase agreement or hypothecation, Intimation
106. Intimation to the financier
107. Certificate of fitness issuing authority
108. Form of application for grant or renewal of certificate of fitness
109. Date of next inspection Endorsement on Certificate
110. Production of vehicle for inspection
111. One certificate for one vehicle
112. Use of vehicle upon expiry of certificate
113. Inspection of transport vehicles
114. Unsafe vehicle Restriction on use
115. Fresh fitness certificate to be obtained
116. Certificate of fitness Cancellation
117. Reasons for cancellation to be given
118. Refusal to grant or renew-reasons to be given
119. Report of loss or destruction Application for duplicate fee
120. Duplicate Issue of
121. Surrender of original certificate when found
122. Certificate issued previously validity
123. Non-production of certificate in certain cases
124. Appeals
125. Appellate authority in respect of certificate of fitness
126. Appeal, Form and Fee
127. Information regarding stolen and recovered motor vehicles to be furnished by the Police to the State Transport Authority
128. State Register of Motor Vehicles
129. Deposits by authorized testing stations