Pollution Control

Pollution Control

There are 1.38 Crores of Motor vehicles in different categories in Telangana State. The vehicular population is increasing day by day and smoke emission from Automobile is causing pollution and also becoming hazardous to health.

The total vehicular pollution load (VPL) in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad alone is 1500 T/day various pollutants released into the atmosphere are detailed below.

CO Contibution 61.4%
HC Contribution 34.00%
NO x Contribution 3.85%
SO 2 Contribution 0.54%
SPM Contribution 0.18%
Lead 0.023%

Pollution load by different categiries of vehicles

Two wheelers 56.2%
Three wheelers 34.00% 9.08%
Four wheelers(Petrol) 12.00%
Four wheelers(Diesel) 2.00%
Trucks 18.85%
Buses 1.54%
Others 0.26%