Form PT
Temporary permit
(Rule174(v) of the Telangana Motor Vehicles Rules,1989)
1.   Name of the Holder :
2.   Father's Name :
3.   Place of residence and business
with full postal address
4.   Type of vehicles :
5.(i)   Registration Mark :
(ii).   Seating capacity :
(iii).   Gross vehicle weight :
(iv).   Permit laden Weight :
6.   Routes or area :
7.   Purpose of journey or journeys :
8.   Nature of goods, if to be carried :
9.   This permit shall be subject to all
rules relating to the permits made
under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988
and in force for the time being.
10.   Valid from to :
11.   Under the provisions of sub-section 7 (4)
of Section 88 of the Act and with the particular
/ general consent of the Transport Authority
concerned, this permit is valid also for the
following routes:
(a) :
(b) :
(c) :
12.   This vehicle is permitted to be used only as
contract carriage in accordance with the
terms of the contract, the copy of which duly
attested is enclosed.:
Regional Transport Authority