Form PSS.
Permit in respect of a Service of Stage Carriages
(Rule 174 (ii) of the Telangana Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989)


The Transport Authority.

1. Name of the holder :
2. Father Name :
3. Address :
4. Route or Rutes or Area or Areas for which the permit is valid :
5. Total number of vehicles to be used :
6. Particulars of the vehicles to be used including the maximum number of passengers to be carried :
Registration Mark Type Maximum number of passengers Registered Gross Weight of the vehicle Date of expiry
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
. . . . .

7. Maximum and minimum fares, if fixed under Section 67 of the Act : .
8. Particulars of time-table to be observed, if any : .
9. Whether goods can be carried on the vehicles in addition to passengers and passenger's luggage and personal effects, and the conditions subject to which goods may be so carried. : .
Yes No
10. The maximum weight of luggage and goods to be carried in addition to passengers. : .
11. Whether the fare-table is to be exhibited on the vehicles : .
Yes No
12. Whether the time-table is to be exhibited on the vehicles : .
Yes No
13. The vehicles may be used as contract carriages in the following areas
Provided that no interruption is caused to be stage carriage service and subject to the following conditions
: .
14. The permit shall be subject to all rules relating to permits made under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and in force for the time being.
15. Other conditions. : .
Date Secretary,
Transport Authority

Endorsed/Extended for routes subject to the following variation of conditions:
Date Secretary,
Transport Authority
Renewal of Endorsement/Extension
The above Endorsement/Extension is here by renewed upto the day of
Date Secretary,
Transport Authority
          Note : As many copies as the number of vehicles shall be issued.