Form PCOA.
Application for a Permit in respect of particular Contract Carriage to be regularly so used
(Rule 171 (ii) of the Telangana Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989)


The Regional / State Transport Authority.

In accodance with the provisions of Sections 69, 73 and 80 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1998. I/We the undersigned hereby apply for a permit under Section 66 of that Act in respect of a contract carriage as hereunder set out :
1. Name of the holder :
2. Name of the Father
(in case of an individual) :
3. Address :
4. Area for which required :
5. The type of vehicle :
6. Registration mark :
7. Seating capacity :
8. Particulars of service to be performed by the contract carriage not necessary in case of a motor cab and the manner in which it is claimed that the public convenience will be reserved.
9. Particulars of any contract carriage permit valid in the area for which a permit is now required in respect of the vehicle specified above .
10. I/We enclose cash / challan / cheque / money order receipt for Rs being prescribed fee.
11. I/We have not yet obtained possession of the vehicle and I/We understand that the permit will not be issued until I/We have done so and have produced the certificate of registration.
12. I/We desire a permit valid for year.
13. I/We hereby declare that the above statements are true.



Signature of (or thumb impression
of) the applicant