[See Rule 53]
Application for the issue of Duplicate Certificate of Registration

[To be made in duplicate if the vehicle is held under an agreement of Hire-Purchse / lease / Hypothication and in triplicate if the Original Registering Authority is different, the duplicate copy and the triplicate copy with the endorsement of the Registering Authority to be returned to the Financier and Registering Authority simultaneously on issue of duplicate Certificate.]

The Registering Authority,
The Certificate of Registration of my / our Motor Vehicle, with the Registration Mark has been lost /destroyed completely written off / soiled / torn / mutilated in the following circumstances.

I / We hereby declare that to the best of my / our knowledge the Registration of the Vehicle has not been suspended or cancelled under the provisions of the Act or Rules made thereunder and the circumstances explained above are true. I / We do hereby apply for the issue of a duplciate certificate registration.

The written off / soiled / torn / mutilated Certificate of Registration is enclosed.

The Vehicle is not held under any agreement of Hire - Purchase / Lease / Hypothecation.

The Vehicle is also not superdari and free from all encumbrances.

* I / We hereby declare that I / We on (date) have filed a complaint (copy enclosed) with the police about the loss of Certificate of Registration immediately after the loss has been noticed.

Date:_______________ Signature / Thumb impression
of Applicant.

The Vehicle is held under Hire - Purchase / Lease / Hypothecation agreement with___________________________________
___________________________________________________________ and the "No Objection Certificate" has been granted / refused by the Financier hereunder:

Where "No Objection Certificate" is refused applicant shall make a declaration as required under sub-section (8) of Section 51

Date____________________ Signature or Thumb impression
of the Owner .
Full Address_________________________

  1. Full particulars of the circumstances shall be furnished in the case of loss or destruction of the Registration Certificate.
  2. Strike out whichever is inapplicable.

Consent of the Financier for grant of "No Objection Certificate" under section 51(6)

*I / We being a party to an agreement of Hire - Purchase / Lease / Hypothecation in respect of Motor Vehicle specified above:
  1. have "No Objection" in issue of the duplicate Certificate of Registration of the said Vehicle.
  2. have " Objection" in issue of the duplicate Registration Certificate of the said Vehicle for the reasons given hereunder_____________________________________________________________________________

Date__________________________ _____________________
Signature of the Financier.

Office Endorsement

Ref. Number_________________________ office of the________________________________________ A duplicate Certificate of Registration as requested above is issued with the note of agreement of Hire - Purchase / Lease / Hypothecation on______________________________________ and is noted in the original Registration Records in Form 24.

Date________________________ _________________________
Signature of Registering Authority.

Copy to

Copy to

Specimen signature or thumb impression of the Registered Owner and Financier are to be obtained in original Application for affixing and attestation by the Registering Authority with the Office seal in Forms 23 and 24 in such a manner that the part of impression of seal or a stamp and attestation shall fall upon each signature:

Specimen Signature of the Financier


Specimen Signature of the Registered Owner