[See Rule 47]
Form of Application for Registration of a Motor Vehicle

[To be made in duplicate if the Vehicle is held under an agreement of Hire-Purchse/
lease/Hypothication and duplicate copy with endrosement of the Registering Authority
to be returned to the Financier simultaneously on Registration of Motor Vehicle]


The Registering Authority,
1. Full name of person:
(to be registred as owner)
Son/Wife/Daughter of
2. Age of Person Years
Door No.
5. Name and Adderss
of the Dealer or
.   manufacturer from whom the vehicle was purchaced.
 *Enclose sales certificate and certificate of the Road Worthiness issued by the manufacturer.
6. If ex-army vehicle,or imported vehicle,enclose proof.If locally Manfactured Trailler/Semi -trailler,enclose
the approval of design by the state transport authority and note the proceedings number and date of
7. The Motor vehicle is
(a) a new vehicle (b) ex- army vehicle (c) imported vehicle
8. Class of vehicle
(if motor cycle,Whether with or without gear)
9. Type of body 10. Type of vehicle
11. Maker's name 12. Month&Year of manufacutrer   
13. Number of cyclinders 14. Horse power 15. Cublic capacity
16. Maker's classification or if not known,wheel-base mm
17. Chasis Number
*(Affix Pencil print)
18. Engine Number
19. Seating Capcity(including driver)    
20. Fuel used in the engine   Petrol   Diseal   Any other Fuel
21. Unladen weight  Kgms.    
22. Particulars of the previous registration and registered number(if any)
23. Color or colors of body, wings and front end
I hereby declare that the vehicle has not been registered in any stae in India.
Additional particulars to be completed only in the case of transport vehicles other that motor car.
24. Number,description and size of tyres:
(a) Front axle   (c) Any other axle  
(b) Rear axle   (d) Tandem axle     
25. Gross vehicle Weihgt
(a)as certified by the manufacturer     kgms (b)to be the registered    kgms
26. Maximum axle weight
(a) Front axle      kgms. (c) Any other axle      kgms.
(b) Rear axle       kgms. (d)Tandem axle          kgms.
27. (a) Overall length     (c) Overall height    
(b) Overall width     (d) Overhang          
The above particulars are to be filled in for a rigid frame motor vehicle of two or more axle for an articulated vehicle of three or more axles or, to the extent applicable for trailer, where a second semi-trailer or additional semi-trailer are to be registered with an articulated motor vehicle. That following particulars are to be furnished for each such semi-trailer.

28. Type of body        
29. Unladen weight      Kgms
30. Number, description and size of tyres on each axle    
31. Maximum axle weight in respect of each axle            
32. The vehicle is covered by a valid certificate of insurance under Chapter XI of the Act.
Insurance Certificate No.___________________ Date______________Name of the Company_________________________
Valid from________________________To___________________________.
33. The vehicle is exempted from Insurance, the relevant order is enclosed_______________________.
34. I have paid the prescribed fee of Rs._______________________.
Note: The motor vehicle above described is
  1. Subject to hire purchase agreement / lease agreement with ____________________________________
  2. Subject to hypothecation in favour of_____________________________________________________
  3. Not held under hire purchase agreement, or
    Lease agreement or subject to hypothecation_______________________________________________.

Date       Signature or Thumb impression
of the Owner.

* Strike out whatever is inapplicable. If the vehicle is subject to any such agreement the signature of the person with whom such agreement has been entered into is to be obtained.

Signature of the Financier. Signature or Tumb impression
of the owner


Certificated that the particulars contained in the application are true and that the vehicle complies with the requirement of the Motor Vehicles act, 1988 and the Rules made thereunder.

Signature of the Inspecting Authority

(For Office endorsement)

Ref: Number
Office of the

The above vechile has been assigned the Registration Number________________________and registered in the name of applicant. This vehicle is covered by an agreement with the financier.

Date:__________________________ Signature of Registering Authority.


(Name and address of the Financier)