Form N.P.Pu.C
National Permit for Public Carrier
(see Rule 174 of the Andhra Prdesh Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989)

State / Regional Transport Authority.

No. N.P. Pu. C.
1. Name of the permit holder :
2. Father's name (in case of an individual) :
3. Address
4. Name of States / Union Territories for which the permit is valid :
5. Type and capacity of Vehicles including trailer and the alternative articulated vehicles :
No. of Vehicles Type Load Capacity(Kgs) Laden Weight(Kgs) Registration Marks
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
6. Valid from to  
7. The records to be maintained and dates on which returns are to be sent to the Transport Authority.
8. Nature of goods to be carried in the vehicle :
9. Conditions attached to the permit :
10. The holders of this permit shall exercise such supervision over the work of his employees as is necessary to ensure that the vehicle is operated in conformity with the Act and the Rules made there under and with due regard to the comfort, convenience and safety of its public.

State/Regional Transport Authority


Renewed upto : subject to : Also valid in : Date :

State/Regional Transport Authority

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