Form 50

[See Rule 90(3)]

Bill of Lading

Bill No . Dated
Name and address of the national permit holder  
Registration number of the motor vehicle  
. . Dated
Name of the consign or .  
Name of the consignee  
Point of origin  
Point of destination  
Number of articles Descrption of goods K.G Freight charges paid Rs Freight charges to pay Total
Rs. P. Rs. P.
. . . . . . .
. . Bill No
. . Dated 
. . Received
. . Package
. . From
. . (Truck No )

Signature of Consignee


Signature of the Carrier

Signature of Consignor

* At carrier's risk

* At owner's risk

value of goods Rs

Delivery at

Note:The bill of loading shall be in the proforma given above and shall be in quadruplicate, the original(white) to be carried in the motor vehicle , the duplicate(light green) for the consignor, the triplicate(pink) for the consignee and the fourth copy(cream yellow) for record of the national permit holder.
* Strike out whichever is inapplicable.

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