Form 48

[See Rule 86]

Application for the Grant of National Permit


The Regional/State Transport Authority,

I/We the undersigned here by apply for the grant of national permit valid troughout the territory of India/in the State(s) of

(here write the names of the States desired)

1. Name of the applicant(s) in full
2. Status of the applicant, whether individual, company or partnership firm, co-operative society,etc.
3. Name of father or husband (in case of individual,and in case of company or firm the particulars of managing partner or managing director, as the case may be)
4. Full address (to be supported by attested copy of ration card,electricity bill, etc., in case of individual or any other valid documentary proof to the satisfaction of the State Transport
Authority/Regional Transport Authority and in case of company or firm, the certified copy of the deed of partnership, as the case may be)
  1. Whether the applicant himself intends to drive the vehicle?
    1. If so,whether the applicant holds heavy goods...............vehicle driving Licence
    2. The number , date and validity period of the driving Licence
    3. Name and address of the licensing authority
6. Registration certificate along with the date of first registration,Insurance Certificate number
7. Details of any other permits if held in respect of a particular vehicle
8. Details of number of National Permits held by the applicant
9. Type of vehicle,whether two-axle truck or articulated vehicle or multi-axle vehicle or tractor-trailer combination
10. Make of motor vehicle
11. Particulars of convictions/Suspensions/cancellations, if any, during the past three years in respect of the vehicle/permit held by the applicant(s) Yes No
12. I/We forward herewith the Certificate of Registration of the vehicle or I/We will produce the Certificate of Registration of the vehicle before the permits are issued Yes No
13. I/We hereby declare that the above statements are true and that I/We am/are the resident(s) of this State having principal place of business in this State at
14. I/We have paid the fee of rupees

Signature or thumb impression of the Applicant

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