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1)  While driving, to take a right turn, the proper hand signal is
extend right palm in a horizontal position outside and to the right of vehicle with palm of the hand turned to the front.
extend right arm rotate in anti-clockwise direction.
extend right arm with palm downWard and move up and down several times.

2)  While driving, you wish to change from one lane to another, you should then
give the proper turn signal
Change lanes only when it is safe to do so.
never change lanes as it is against the law.

3)  What is the legal speed limit for motor cycles,unless specific limit is displayed:-
40 Kms per hour
50 Kms per hour
55 Kms per hour

4)  Your vehicle is involved in an accident, hurting people,you should:-
report to the nearest police station, and take the persons to the hospital.
first take the injured people to the hopital,and then report to the police station.
need not to report to the police station but should take the persons to the hospital.

5)  On having changed your residential address from one city to another you should notify the R.T.O. with in:-
ten (10) days.
twenty (20) days
thirty (30) days

6)  Which lane must you be in while making a right turn:
any lane.
extreme left lane.
extreme right lane

7)  If your vehicle hits a pedestrian, you should:-
identify your self and leave
help the person and call an ambulance.
help the injured person, identify yourself and then report to the police.

8)  Overtaking is prohibited:-
When the road ahead is not visible
on straight road
in rural areas

9)  Reversing of vehicles is prohibited:-
on main roads
in the way
on curves

10)  While driving ,you deside to stop immediately, the correct hand signal is.
extend right arm horizontal to the ground with palm downwards.
right arm held erect with palm facing forward.
no signal needed.

11)  When crossing an unmanned (railway) level crossing, the driver should:-
blow the horn and proceed.
proceed at 10 Kmph.
stop and the driver or any other person in the vehicle should get down and ensure that no train or trolley is approaching from either side.

12)  When following a vehicle with four or more wheels, a motorcycle must be:-
in the centre and directly behind the vehicle ahead.
stay slightly to the right or left of the vehicle.
neither as in (a) or (b) above

13)  While riding a motorcycle, all hand signals must be given by:-
the right hand only.
the left hand only.
with either of the hands as convenient.

14)  When an officer in full uniform demands your driving Licence, you:-
may not produce it unless the officer issuces notice in writing
may not produce it,however details thereof may be infomed.
must produce it at once.

15)  To drive a vehicle with expired insurance,one:-
shall drive cautiously to aviod any accident and subsequent loss to the third party.
shall not drive in any case.
may drive if insurance policy covering the driver's personal insurance is valid.

16)  Parking of vehicle should be such:-
that it dose not cause danger or obstruction or inconvenience to the other user of the road.
that they are always parallel to the curb.
that they are always at right angles to the kerb.

17)  Any person affected by a motor vehicle accident can apply for a compensation claim to:-
the R.T.O officer.
the accident claims tribunal.
the Banker of the driver of such vehicle.

18)  A person convicted of driving a motor vehicle under influence of drugs faces:
imprisonment upto six months, fine upto Rs.2,000 or both
a strict warning from the authorities.
cancellation of driving Licence.

19)  Before leaving a vehicle parked,you should:-
turn the ignition key off.
stop the engine,lock the ignition,remove the key,and set the hand brake.
lock the car.

20)  A motor driving Licence issued in a state :-
is valid throught out India
is valid throught out the world.
is valid in only in the State of issue

21)  Any person may hold :-
maximum 3 Licences at a time,one for each class.
only one Licence.
any number of Licences. However,each Licence must authorise only one class of
      motor vehicle for driving.

22)  Lending of motor vehicle to a person who is not holding a valid Licence is:-
not an office,since the borrower is solely resoinsible.
a serious offence.
an offence only when the vehicle is involved in an accident.

23)  A person driving a vehicle must always carry with him:-
his driving Licence and insurance certificate
his driving Licence and tax card
his driving Licence, tax card, insurance certificate, registration certificate and emission certificate (and in the case of a transport vehicle, the permit and fitness certificate code also).

24)  Extra head lights, other than standard lights fitted on the vehicle:-
need no permission form the authorities if the lights help to illuminate the road and reduce accident.
are as per the law only if the lights are fitted at the bottom part of the vehicle.
are not as per the law, unless authorised specifically by the authorities.

25)  Attachment of anything to the glasses of a motor vehicle, which make the glasses shining from outside:-
is recommended as it provides privacy.
is a better alternative to the tinted glasses which keeps the interior of the vehicle cool.
is not recommended as it is against the law.

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