Citizen Friendly Services
  • ANYWHERE ANYTIME Online Services without visiting RTA Office

    Transport Department launched Anywhere Anytime Online Services through T-App Folio Mobile App, without visiting the RTA office. Please see USER GUIDE for availing these services with your Smart Mobile Phone.

    The services available are as follows:

    1.Issue of Duplicate Learner Licence

    2.Issue of Duplicate Licence

    3.Issue of Badge

    4.Issue of Smart Card in lieu of Surrender of Existing Driving Licence

    5.Issue of History Sheet for Licence.

    6.Renewal of driving licence

    7.Change of address in Driving Licence

    8.Endorsement of hazardous Licence

     9.New Learner licence in place of expired Learner licence

    10.Learner licence for addition of class of vehicle

    11.Issue of Learner licence for expired Driving license

    12.Change of Address in Registration Certificate

    13.Issue of Clearance Certificate within the State of Telangana

    14.Issue of New Permit

    15.Issue of Duplicate Permit

    16.Renewal of Permit

    17.Issue of Temporary / Special Permit