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Commissioner's Office

The Department is administered by the Transport Commissioner who is the Head of the Transport Department and is assisted by 2  Joint Commissioners, 1 Deputy Commissioner, 2 Assistant Secretaries. At the field level the Transport Commissioner is assisted by District Transport Officers who supervise their offices at the district level.

Transport Department Telangana State

Designation Name Office E-Mail
Transport Commissioner (FAC) Dr. Jyoti Buddha Prakash, IAS 23321282 commr_transport@telangana.gov.in
J.T.C. (IT &Vig) Sri C. Ramesh 23301939 jtcit_transport@telangana.gov.in
J.T.C. (Secretary., STA & Admin.) Smt. G.Mamata Prasad 23321279 jtc-admin-td@telangana.gov.in
DTC (Vig., Enf., IT & Admin) Sri K.Papa Rao 23321270 dtc-enft-td@telangana.gov.in